Чит коды на Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (PC)

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Borderlands The Pre-sequel читы

Level Multiple Characters Simultaneously:

PC users are able to level up as many as four of their own characters at the same time. After

launching a game session, hit Alt+Tab to jump back to the desktop, then open the game via it’s

install directory (as opposed to through a service like Steam).

Choose which character you want to host your game (we recommend the character at the highest

level, as you’ll earn more experience and money from their kills and progression), then set

the network connection to LAN and have your secondary characters join that game. So long as

your computer can run 4 instances of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel at the same time, you can

progress each character through as many levels as you like.

Be aware, however, that unless a character is in-game for the acquisition AND redemption of

a quest, they will not gain the rewards / XP from it, and will still have to play through it

You can essentially duplicate a weapon when playing with a friend. First, save your progress.

Then when you’re ready, give the desired weapons to a friend and exit out of the game without

saving. Your friend can save and keep the weapons, and your inventory won’t be hit for the

loss because you didn’t save after giving away the goodies.

Infinite legendary weapons and create any legendary weapon:

After completing the «A New Direction» story mission, fast travel to Concordia, and go to

Janey Springs’ business office. She will explain to you that putting Moonstones into the

Grinder will make better weapons. Fast travel to Serenity’s Waste, and use the «Secret

Iwajira boss» trick to find and farm the secret Iwajira boss for Moonstones, purple weapons,

and the «Kiwk-Smart Thingy» legendary weapon. Obtain a lot of Moonstones and purple weapons,

and at least one «Kiwk-Smart Thingy» legendary weapon. Then, use the «Duplicating weapons

and items» glitch to duplicate as many purple and «Kiwk-Smart Thingy» legendary weapons as

desired. Have two online players go to Concordia. Have the host player put two «Kiwk-Smart

Thingy» weapons and one purple weapon in the Grinder to create a new legendary weapon. The

type of purple weapon determines what type of legendary weapon you will create. For example,

if you put a purple shotgun into the Grinder, you will get a legendary shotgun. When the

legendary weapon comes out of the machine, make sure to have the player that is not the host

pick it up. After you have created as many legendary weapons as desired from the Grinder,

have the online host quit without saving by force closing the game. The other player will

keep the legendary weapons and can give them to the host player when another game is played.

The host player will also not lose any weapons or Moonstones spent to create the legendary

weapons by exiting the game without saving.

Legendary Excalibastard weapon:

Fast travel to Triton Flats, then follow the left path once you leave the building and are

outside. When the path splits, continue left. Shortly afterwards, you will see a green jump

pad on the right. Use it to reach the area to travel to Stanton’s Liver. Once you are in

Stanton’s Liver, go left and jump off the cliff edge. Proceed along the rocky cliff edge

to the left of the grey bridge. Jump over two large gaps to reach the Excalibastard weapon

that is stuck in a stone. To obtain the Excalibastard weapon, you must have a Badass Rank

of 2,500. Badass Rank can be obtained by completing challenges. You can view your Badass

Rank at the menu screen to the far right.

Infinite XP, Moonstones, and loot:

Proceed through the main missions until you get the «Let’s Build A Robot Army» mission

(Level 14). In this mission, you will be tasked with letting turrets kill 12 Scavs. Follow

your waypoint until you get to a closed door, which is where the Scavs come out to be shot

by the turrets. When the door opens, start ground slamming in front of the door to kill

the enemies before the turrets can kill them. This will cause an infinite number of Scavs

to come out of the door. When the turret kills get too high, pause the game, and select

«Save and Quit». Once you are back at the main menu, select «Continue», then run back to

the door to start farming again. If the turret gets the 12 kills, the mission will proceed,

and you will not be able to farm this area any longer. This glitch works best with multiple

players so you can have more people killing the Scavs to prevent the turrets from killing

Throw your weapon on the ground, then immediately pick it back up to instantly reload it.

Easy «Moxxi’s Sampler» achievement or trophy:

Once you have 80 Moonstones, go to Concordia. Save and quit the game. Reload that saved

game and go into Moxxi’s bar. Purchase all eight drinks, one after the other. You do not

have to wait for them to expire. After you have bought all eight drinks and earned «Moxxi’s

Sampler», exit the game. Reload the saved game and you will be in Concordia with your

previous Moonstone amount.

Easy «Air Supremacy» achievement or trophy:

Farm kills in the first and second area. Bring them out and damage enemies so that Wolf

can kill them quicker. Try to target enemies away from Wolf to prevent accidently getting

Easy «Ice To Meet You» achievement or trophy:

Consider using frost damage over time grenades, frost area of effect guns, or the Baroness

character. Find enemies that go on melee range, for example, Torks (recommended), Kraggons,

and Stalkers. Torks are the best choice, as they are the first enemy that will really group

on you, and they appear in very small areas.

Easy «Collateral Damage» achievement or trophy:

Go to Tycho’s Rib near the end of the game. Cross the «corridor» to enter another room

containing enemies. On the right is a small house with three Lost Legion Eternal. Damage

them enough to force them to ascend, but do not kill them. Get a Magus Eternal. If one

ascends into something else, kill it and try with the next one. If neither turns into a

Magus, exit to the main menu try again. A Magus Eternal will toss orbs of light at you,

and damage their allies in the process. Try to lower the health of those enemies and remain

close to them so the orbs can hit them. The same magus must kill three enemies. Be careful

with the nearby explosives barrels and try to keep it alive or the kill count will reset

Easy «Guardian Guardian» achievement or trophy:

At the end of the «Guardian Hunter» mission, you can hand over the captured guardians

or kill the master hunter. Choose to kill the master hunter.

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