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Heart Of Evil Napalm Edition скачать

Heart of Evil: Napalm Edition (HOE: NE) is a remake of the old mod Heart of Evil, a Vietnam themed war/survival horror FPS. The HOE NE Team hopes to help you relive that experience, or for those of you who haven’t played it, a chance to try something new. They put a lot of work into the original concept and we want to it endure, for that reason we have updated the mod as best we can with graphics and gameplay.

OK guys, this is what you’ve been patiently waiting for! Heart of Evil Napalm Edition is released today after 2 years of development. Heart of Evil Napalm Edition revives the classic mod «Heart of Evil» to usher in newer and improved graphics and gameplay.

Heart of Evil Napalm Edition brings back the spirit of 1969. With M16s, M79s and RPG-7 rocket launchers. Killing the undead proletariat never felt so good!

Throughout the game you scour war torn Vietnam for an elusive Colonel who has ravaged the land with undead abominations, Huey helicopters and his motley assortment of soldiers. That isn’t all though! He’s also placed head scratchingly bizzarre puzzles. Enter the world of Heart of Evil.

To install the game, simply extract the contents of the ZIP file to your Half-Life directory.

ok gae but it crashes if grenade launcher used by eny one

awsome mod. 10/10 good job guys

HOw cool would this be on HL2??

Maybe it’d be okay if you remade the whole thing.

Really nice remake.

But you overseen a lot of bugs. For example the Document in Inventory thing doesn’t work. You select an entry and it allways the last entry you found. In the 3rd episode in the village where you find a letter translated from vietnamnese it shows only p1,p2,p4 it doesn’t show p3. It goes from 2 to 4.

I’m also a bit upset that you didn’t included all the good rides which made the mod so special. Huey ride, the many truck rides.. Not sure if the boat ride is in. I’m not that far yet. Those rides were important for the story & the atmosphere of the entire mod.

Well it’s just a remake so it’s ok.

The models and textures created by you people how ever are really awesome. You put a lot of work on to this project. I personally would wish me to see mods created my your own with a new challenging story & gameplay be it for hl1 or hl2. One thing is clear you’ve got the skills to do so. 🙂

Note that I played this mod on WON hl

I will try it now in Steam maybe the mod isn’t optimised for WON anymore.

Like I said great work and thanks for the remake.

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File сначала of evil, napalm heart edition дерева.

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